I Help Functional Medicine Practitioners Establish, Grow, And Scale Their Practices In A Sustainable Way

Whether it's a brick and mortar, micro-practice, or virtual practice

I help practitioners who:

- Want to transition to functional medicine from another approach 
- Want more freedom with their time and lifestyle
- Want to feel adequately compensated for their time and knowledge
- Want to expand their influence and authority and create passive income

Are you a Functional Medicine Practitioner wanting to grow a sustainable practice but not sure how? Have you tried other programs and worked with other people but it didn't work or fit with your ideals? Maybe you want to do it faster or follow a proven process? 

My name is Jared McDonald and I help Functional Medicine practitioners create a practice that allows them to do what they love and are passionate about, as well as have the income and lifestyle they want. I help them do this without having to become a full-time marketer, compromise their patients, time, or reputation. 

If you're interested in:

    - Attracting your ideal patients with predictability

    - Being able to see more patients... and still maintain a healthy lifestyle

    - Improving your patient's compliance and retention 

    - Growing your authority and creating leveraged income

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